Nothing But Praises

Mr. Koshinski,

We listed our house in Anthony, FL with a large nationally known realtor of Marion County for a period of 6 months.  During that contract period we had only two showings of our house.  When I asked what the problem was, I was told “Its a buyer’s market”.

Immediately after their contract ended, we listed with you as the listing agent, at the same price as with the previous realtor.  It was immediately obvious from the advertisement and brochures you prepared that we could expect action.           

Within two weeks the house was shown twice, with an offer which we accepted.  Then, during the sale and inspection process, we encountered problems with the reports from the termite inspector, building engineer and the surveyor.

We believe that, only because of your extensive experience, knowledge, tactfulness and professionalism were these matters resolved in a satisfactory matter to all concerned.

Our son, Mike, has nothing but praises for you in the way you handled the entire process.

Although I have never met you personally, I can highly recommend you and your services to anyone who needs professional realty service.


William T. G.