January 2020 Newsletter

Self-Employed? Home ownership is in reach

Many would-be home buyers – particularly those who are self-employed – sit on the sidelines for fear they won’t qualify for a mortgage……...Read More



December 2019 Newletter

Easy Ways to Save on Your Move

Moving can be expensive. From packing supplies and movers to rental vans and gas, the costs can add up quickly…………Read More



November 2019 Newsletter

5 Mistakes First-time Home Buyers Make

Buying a home can be overwhelming – especially for first-time buyers. Want to make sure you do it right? Avoid these all-too-common first-timer mistakes:…………Read More



October 2019 Newsletter

How to Prep Your Home for Winter

Winter is fast approaching. Want to make sure your home is able to withstand its harsh conditions?  Here are some quick ways to prep your property………..Read More



September 2019 Newsletter

Choosing the Right Mortgage Lender


Picking a mortgage lender is a big decision. After all, they’ll be handling what’s likely the biggest transaction of your life (not to mention managing your loan for decades to come)………….Read More



August 2019 Newsletter

How to Make Your Home More Marketable


Want to make sure your home sells quickly and at a great price? Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances:………Read More



July 2019 Newsletter

Throwing a Great Summer BBQ

    Are you planning a fun summer BBQ or get-together this year? Here’s how to make it a great one………Read More



    June 2019 Newsletter 

    Safeguarding Your Home for Hurricane Season


    It’s officially hurricane season for those who live on the East Coast. If your house is in the line of fire, you’ll want to start safeguarding your property before it’s too late. You should:

    ….Read More



    May 2019 Newsletter

    Keep Your Yard Healthy This Summer


    We might love the hot, summer sun, but our lawns? That’s another story. Here’s how to keep your yard healthy and prevent dried-out grass this summer:  ……..Read More